A Blog in Search of a Purpose

Some day, when I’m a titan of the blogosphere, I’ll be able to say, “I’ve been blogging since 2003.”

Before my titanship arrives, however, I obviously need to post a little more regularly, and before I do that I need to figure out why I’m blogging in the first place. My most recent motivation has been to support my writing and consulting business — but then when it came time to actually write my first substantive post, it ended up being about politics, which is not the line of work I’m in.

So maybe my real motivation is to have A Forum for My Writing. [hurl] Despite the gag reflex, there’s something to that idea — I often find myself constructing careful sentences in my head that seem clever or useful enough that I wish I could find a way to share them. But if I’m going to continue to think red-state thoughts in a blue-state neighborhood, I’m more likely to get into arguments with friends than I am to persuade anybody to hire me as a writer. And I spent most of an afternoon writing and polishing my inaugural Obama screed — an unbloggish level of effort for a post that precisely three people have seen (including me).

So here’s the latest plan: I’m going to force myself to devote at least a little bit of time every day to posting on my blog. I’ll pick one of those careful sentences in my head and build a blog post around it, and not invest a huge amount of time in it. Then I’ll examine the results over time and see if I can figure out a purpose for my blog.

There. It’s good to have a plan. Now we’ll see if I’m any better about sticking to that plan than I am about my daily exercise regimen.

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