All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”

— Variation of a sentiment attributed to Edmund Burke, but not found in his writings.

This blog contains the political musings of a red-state voter in a deep-blue state (New Jersey), as well as other topics from baseball to social media to the Maplewood BlogolopolisTM.

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In real life I”m a business writer and corporate communications consultant, happy to work for clients of (virtually) any political persuasion. See more information about my professional background.

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  1. Hi Kirk, My mother was inquiring about you… to me. To comfort her, I looked you up on the internet.
    My mom, Philana Lettang, is still living in Piscataway. Same address. Unfortunately my dad, John, passed away on November 3, 2009. He was on hospice for quite some time before his passing in the house he “built with his own hands”. It was his desire to do so. My mother has had two shoulder replacements and two hip replacements so walks gingerly with a cane. Ray and I are still in the same home in Readington where you visited when Beckie was five. She is now 28, married almost a year to an awesome young man. They reside on an oak line street in Bethlehem. They are very lucky to already own their own home. Scott is married and has been living in Steamboat Springs. He and his wife are both snowboard instructors which is how they met. Since they are both extreme sport enthusists, it is a perfect location for all their endeavors. I have been teaching at Ridge High School for 8 years… Teaching for 22 years but only half of it at public high school.
    I realized I had found the correct Kirk Petersen by googling your name… and the blog spoke of “Harry Kirk Peterson” and that he was a recruite for the U.S.Navy. As you know, my father was a very proud Navy veteran. We had a military ceremony for him at his wake. I wish I could send you a few pictures of our family but doubt I could do so on a blog.
    My mom is pleased that I was able to communicate to you a little of the Lettang family events since last seeing you and yours. LeeAnn

  2. Hi Kirk,
    Just a quick update. My mom, Philana Lettang, is still living in Piscataway… Same address. She will be 88 on March 21. She has had her close calls… Mom is VERY HAPPY that she is a Great-Grandmother. I am sure you remember the day she became a grandmother. Thank you for being there for that moment in her life. My daughter, Beckie, and her husband, John, are the very proud parents of a daughter named Kaylee Rae. I was right there with Beckie (John was there too but not sure he would make it through the event)… I actually cut the cord and I can assure you that I did not react like my mom did. Quite the opposite… I felt a great calm and contentment at becoming a grandmother. I am thrilled… to be a grandmother. I will try to send you a picture taken Saturday of Great-Grandmother (Phil) giving Kaylee a bottle. Ray and I were just in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (sports-person’s paradise) to spend a few days with Scott and his wife Stefanie. Mom did tell me you had called her some time after our first communication. She was pleased to hear from you.
    Hope you and your sons are doing well.

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