The Video Clip Jon Stewart Would Make if He Were a Republican

This is brilliant — a compilation of near-identical sound bites from Obama’s campaign speeches in 2008 and 2012.  Well worth a minute & 58 seconds of your time.  If Obama loses in November, it will be because late deciders and marginal 2008 supporters realize that Obama is not the Obamessiah — he’s one more politician who makes promises he can’t keep.

(Hat tip: Jonah)

2 thoughts on “The Video Clip Jon Stewart Would Make if He Were a Republican

  1. The above is a brilliant ad…and it compounds the fact that I just can’t get my head around the fact that their are still voters out there who are undecided !?!?

    Undecided on What? Two distinct choices who haven’t presented themselves since…Reagan and Carter (?) I have this mental picture of two glasses of Milk on the kitchen counter…1 glass is full of fresh chilled Milk…and the other glass is warm and spoiled…Which is the best choice? Would there be a undecided moment in which glass to choose? Sheesh the left really has dumbed-down a lot of folks out in our Great Nation!

    The Nation is ready for a good long…over due dose of some R and R! PLU from SSF

  2. Don, there’s no real mystery. Some people are undecided because they have reservations about both candidates, and they are not politically ideological enough or partisan enough to have a natural leaning toward one party or the other.

    You’re one of my most regular commenters, and I’m always glad to see you here, but your milk metaphor doesn’t work for me. Liberal Democrats see the world through a different filter than conservatives. That doesn’t make them fans of spoiled milk. We need to persuade them, not try to delegitimize them.

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