Moral Clarity on Hamas and Gaza, from Krauthammer

Time and again, after reading a Charles Krauthammer column, I find myself thinking, “why couldn’t I have written that?” It’s a combination of my admiration for the man’s craft and my nearly complete agreement, more often than not, with what he has to say.

Today’s column is headlined “Moral Clarity in Gaza.” It’s hard to decide which snippet to quote. But here’s the sentence that resonates most clearly for me, the day after Hamas thug Nizar Rayan died along with the family he used as his human shields:

For Hamas, the only thing more prized than dead Jews are dead Palestinians.

To coin a phrase, you should read the whole thing.

One thought on “Moral Clarity on Hamas and Gaza, from Krauthammer

  1. Charles Krauthammer is one of my favorite columnists, someone whom I like to watch when he is part of the Fox All-Stars.

    Someone sent this very same article to me earlier today and I must concur — the IDF is fighting on an ethical level. They did this in Lebanon a few years back too when Israeli armed forces would phone the Lebanese to tell them that bombs were on the way.

    I hope our soon president, Barack Obama, realizes this sort of distinction and continues to support Israel while isolating Hamas.

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