“Governor Awesome” Is Unsuitable for Higher Office

With the important exception of same-sex marriage, I’ve been a big fan of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.  Here’s me about a year and a half ago:

I love watching clips of Christie speaking to voters like adults.  Whether he’s describing his own state as a “failed experiment” or jousting with his favorite piñata, the teacher’s union, it’s refreshing to watch him.

Since then I’ve shrugged off a few times when I’ve thought his candor has lapsed into bullying.  But the ugly confrontation on Saturday is simply appalling.

At an impromptu news conference about a major water-treatment emergency in Monmouth County, Christie had specified that he would take questions only about the current topic.  When a reporter dared to ask an innocuous question on a different subject, Christie snarled, “”Did I say on topic?! Are you stupid?! On topic! On topic. Next question.” He doubled-down seconds later, ending the session with “Thank you all very much — and I’m sorry for that idiot over there.”

“Governor Awesome” (an unregistered trademark of Tigerhawk) has been talked about as a potential running mate for Mitt Romney.  I’ve been hoping Romney will look elsewhere so that Christie can continue his efforts to put the state on a more solid financial footing.  But now I’m also very leery of putting a man with appalling judgment and serious anger-management issues a heartbeat away from the nuclear codes.

3 thoughts on ““Governor Awesome” Is Unsuitable for Higher Office

  1. He is a smart guy, but part of being a politician is dealing with stupid questions from the public.

    Mr. Christie is too thin skinned to be a national level politician.

  2. Perhaps, but he at least has conviction and is from the reality wing of the party. Whoever gets that veep won’t make any difference, unless it’s a negative, e.g. Rubio seems to be in conflict with his previous policy and with his Latino supporters as he decries Obama’s immigration policy. Though that makes him a perfect comrade to Romney.

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