It Turns Out Today Is My Blogiversary


It must have been embedded in the recesses of my memory, because something just made me check the archives.  It was one year ago today that I made my first substantive post on this blog.  (The first of a handful of frivolous posts was more than five years ago.)

I led with a snarky prediction that presidential candidate Barack Obama “some day could become an important senator.”  That turned out to be wrong — he went straight from first-term senator to president.  But other than that I think the first post holds up reasonably well.

I would be honored if you read the whole thing, but since most people don’t click links, I’ll paste the concluding paragraph here:

So I still prefer McCain as commander-in-chief, but I take comfort in the overwhelming evidence that Obama is a politician. Politicians know how to maneuver around unwise campaign promises, and how to avoid being held hostage by their political base.

7 thoughts on “It Turns Out Today Is My Blogiversary

  1. Happy anniversary, dear friend. Your thought-inducing posts and thoughtful insights have been a great addition to the bandwidth. Many happy returns!

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