Obama Pays for Gates-gate in the Rasmussen Poll

obama_index_july_26_2009President Obama has slipped to the worst rating of his young presidency in the daily Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll, weighing in at -11 points.  That’s based on likely voters with strong opinions.  He fares better when you look at total approvers vs. total disapprovers — although for the first time, or at least the first time I’ve noticed, he’s in slightly negative territory there as well, with 49% at least somewhat approving of his performance and 50% disapproving.

As soon as I saw that strong uptick in the red strongly-disapprove line above, I knew it had to be a result of Gates-gate, and Rasmussen confirms that.  It’s unfortunate that Obama chose to squander some of his post-racial cred by meddling in an ambiguous incident in a town with a black police commissioner and a black mayor, in a state with a black governor, in a country with a black president.

BTW, I would not show up on Rasmussen’s tracking poll, because I would tell the pollster that I “somewhat disapprove.”  Foreign policy is key for me in evaluating a president, and I give Obama positive marks for continuing President Bush’s policies on Iraq and Afghanistan. (Iran, not so much, although he eventually decided which side to back.) But I’m opposed to pretty much everything he’s trying to do domestically.

5 thoughts on “Obama Pays for Gates-gate in the Rasmussen Poll

  1. No need to squabble, we can be friends about this.

    Rather than universalize this one incident by saying it shows Obama "has poor judgment," I prefer to think of it as demonstrating that he "exercised poor judgment" in this episode.

    In an earlier post I said there was plenty of stupidity to go around, and I continue to think that all three men handled it badly. But when Obama described it as a "teachable moment," I hope he meant it personally.

    I voted for the other guy, but since January 20 Obama has been my president. I think he made a rookie mistake by getting involved in an ambiguous local incident. I sincerely hope he learns from it.

    I'll probably continue to oppose Obama more than support him, at least on domestic matters. But every Sunday, in the Prayers of the People from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, we pray for the President and all the leaders of the world. One form of the prayer goes like this:

    For those in positions of public trust, especially Barack our President and Jon our Governor, that they may serve justice, and promote the dignity and freedom of every person, we pray to you, O Lord.

    I personally pray not just that the president may see wisdom. I pray for his well-being and that of his family. I'd rather have Obama as president than Joe Biden — but even if I thought Biden would be an upgrade, I would pray that Obama serve out his term. My well-being and America's well-being are closely tied to this man for as long as he serves. May God watch over us all.

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