No, “Work-at-Home” Pimps, I Won’t Write Blog Posts for $5

This post is dedicated to my friend (and competitor, I suppose, but whatever) Lori Widmer at Words on the Page, who is the force of nature behind Writers Worth Day.  The video features science fiction novelist and screenwriter Harlan Ellison ranting about being asked to contribute his work for free. (Warning: includes undeleted expletives.)

For those of you who won’t watch the 3:24 video (you know who you are), here’s an excerpt:  “They always want the writer to work for nothing.  And the problem is, there’s so [expletive] many writers who have no idea that they’re supposed to be paid — every time they do something, they do it for nothing!”

Hat tip: Max Boot.

3 thoughts on “No, “Work-at-Home” Pimps, I Won’t Write Blog Posts for $5

  1. We’re competitors? Hm. Never knew. Put up your dukes! 🙂

    This is a classic. I LOVE it! He’s the reason I took up the banner in the first place. Bravo for posting it, Kirk. And BRAVO to Harlan Ellison. He’s summed up the problem succinctly, didn’t he?

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