Israel Turns to Social Media in Fight against Hamas

Nick O’Neill has a good post at Social Media Today describing Israel’s use of social media in the current conflict in Gaza. Among other things, the Israeli Consulate in New York is engaging with supporters and critics alike, on Twitter. It’s reminiscent of Scott Monty’s efforts on behalf of Ford.

Update: Also see this, at Pajamas Media — it describes how Israel’s social media efforts represent an end-run around the mainstream media, much of which is bizarrely anti-Israel. “Now Israel can go directly to bloggers and other social media users to make their case without the biased filtering that takes place in all but a few outlets in the mainstream media.”

Updated Update: The IDF has a YouTube channel with a selection of precision bombing videos. In the one below, Israel strikes a Hamas truck as it is being loaded with Grad rockets. It’s a powerful answer to the charges that Israel is bombing indiscriminately. (Hat tip: Meryl Yourish)

2 thoughts on “Israel Turns to Social Media in Fight against Hamas

  1. What an age that we live in.

    Israel understands that the mass media is largely unsympathetic to their cause and has done an end around to get their side of the story out.

    A very compelling way to show how war is being waged and with moral clarity.

  2. Matt, I agree. In a later post I describe how the Palestinians are using social media too — which is fine. Let everybody get out their unfiltered message.

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