The Wages of Socialism Are Greece

Look to Greece, the cradle of democracy, to see what happens when the people no longer are able to vote themselves bread and circuses.

From the Voice of America:

Screen grab from a YouTube video - I can't embed it for some reason, but click image for video

Workers in Greece are in the second day of a 48-hour general strike, and the country is all but shut down by the protest action against the new round of austerity reforms.

Some 20,000 demonstrators gathered in Athens on the first day of the general strike Tuesday. Initially peaceful, the protest turned violent. At least 4,000 police officers armed with stun guns, tear gas and batons fought protesters who hurled rocks and firebombs.

Many protesters feel the $40 billion austerity plan will impose harsh penalties on workers and pensioners, while sparing the wealthy.

EU officials had warned that Greece had no choice but to adopt the austerity plan.

Eventually somebody takes the credit card away.

(Update: I fixed  the image link — NOW you can get to the video by clicking the image.)


3 thoughts on “The Wages of Socialism Are Greece

  1. When will it happen here, Kirk?

    What happens in Kalifornia…so goes the nation. My prediction of US 1st BIG PROTEST. Remember Watts and Rodney?…I was there.

    Aloha From Sunny South Florida…Happy 4th you Patriot!

  2. Don, we’re a long way from being in as bad a shape as Greece, but I fear that’s the direction we are moving. At some point there will be a reckoning.

    Cross-posted from a FaceBook thread, here’s Victor Davis Hanson on Greek socialism:

    “I lived in Greece for more than two years, and one of my best memories is of a small hotelier at a seaside resort. He checked you in; he cooked; he did the landscaping at night; he did all the maintenance during the day. I asked him why he didn’t hire more help, since his hotel wasn’t all that small and he seemed to be going 24/7. What followed was a harangue about the cost of hiring a permanent worker in Greece, the difficulty of ever firing him if he proved worthless, and why he preferred to do everything himself rather than fill out all sorts of forms and hire unmotivated but tenured employees. Besides, he said, almost everyone was on some sort of pension, disability, or government benefit, and was unwilling to work, so his choices were either illegal immigrants or broke foreign students. Then he launched into a blast against socialism, and explained how he was forced to become an expert tax dodger, how he would barter for all the transactions he could, and why he hated the government. He finished by sighing that in Greece, the people spend their time either devising ways to get government money or scheming to avoid the tax collectors — or, preferably, both.”

    • Kirk, In the thumbnail that is History, I believe we are a hair away from there.

      But…and it’s the biggest BUTT of them all. You don’t really get away from F**&*$#g with American’s for long!

      We will right the ship before it’s too late.

      Happy 4th,you Patriot you!

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