Taking Another Look at Newt Gingrich

Much to my annoyance, Newt Gingrich has reshuffled the deck by trouncing Mitt Romney in the South Carolina primary.  Coming on top of the announcement from Iowa that they think maybe Rick Santorum actually won the caucuses there (I am so glad we entrust Iowa with such a pivotal role in presidential politics), we have three contests won by three different candidates, for the first time since 1980.

I’ve already got the Romney bumper sticker on my car.  Can we just move on already?

From a conversation yesterday in the global headquarters of All That Is Necessary:

Me: “I guess I’d better stop bad-mouthing Newt Gingrich, I might have to vote for him.”

Web Goddess: “Please tell me that you won’t vote for Gingrich.  You said it yourself, he’s temperamentally unsuited to the presidency.”

Me: [one-Mississippi, two-Mississippi] “I’m planning to vote for Romney.”

It seems very clear that Marianne Gingrich’s 11th-hour attack actually helped her ex-husband. Apparently conservative qualms about infidelity are outweighed by loathing of the mainstream media.  That’s Gingrich’s theory in the interview below, where he also acknowledged that he fully expected to be put on the spot in that debate.

As Gingrich concedes in the video, if it were a popularity contest, Obama would win in a walk, “he’s a very likeable person, but the presidency is not about likeability.”  In the clip, Erin Burnett talks about a conservative voter who switched from Romney to Gingrich because the latter is “a complete person.”  Apparently one American out of 20 has been married more than twice — that’s a bit higher than I would have guessed.

A President Gingrich would not be the first serial philanderer elected to the nation’s highest office. On November 6 there’s going to be a choice between two flawed candidates. I’m still hoping one of them will be named Mitt.

4 thoughts on “Taking Another Look at Newt Gingrich

  1. “More than TWICE”. …wow, I need to get married ONCE so I can be part of the “in” crowd. . .

    When it comes down to the magical question. .”who has a chance at beating Obama.. .Mitt seems like the obvious answer. ..

    We’ll see.

  2. Mitt Romney is probably a decent guy but he has been bought and paid for with tens of millions of dollars by the uber-powerful and fully understands his assignment. ALL of his economic plans benefit only his controllers. Gingrich, however, is exactly the kind of politician your parents warned you about. He’ll say anything to appease his audience but his moral and ethical foundations continue to reside in the toilet. Santorum is a sanctimonious fool who believes he has the right to tell all other people how to live their lives and would implement that belief into law. If elected, he will impose the Christian equivalent of Sharia law on the country and completely void the separation of Church and State.
    There is only one reasonable candidate running for President and his party doesn’t begin with an ‘R’. However, the Republicans are guaranteed at least 40% of the vote by those who get their news solely from Fox and Limbaugh and never venture into the real world By definition, anyone getting their information from those sources is misinformed, even they admit they are not reporters and, consequently, aren’t required to present the truth.

  3. Erik, to paraphrase the commercial, Mitt hasn’t been bought by The Man, he _is_ The Man. When you have $250 million, you don’t need to be bought, you’re already on that “side”.

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