Iowa Results: The Cliff Notes Version

Up with a touch of insomnia, I offer these observations:

1.  It’s over — Romney will be the nominee.  I like to think my endorsement played a key role in… aw, nevermind.

2.  I’m bored — can we start the general campaign now?

3. Rick Santorum’s fling as the non-Romney flavor-of-the-day has about six days left, until he gets flattened in New Hampshire.

4. Rick Perry — who never really seemed to have his heart in the race — will drop out in the next 48 hours.  That’s the decoded version of “going back to Texas to reassess his campaign.”  If Obama wins this year, Perry will be back as a stronger, better-prepared candidate in 2016.  (Update: Did I say Perry?  I meant Bachmann.  Except for the 2016 part.)

5.  Holy cow — I just made a prediction for twenty-friggin-sixteen!

6. Just five months ago, it looked like someone named Michele Bachmann would win in Iowa. Whoever she is, “Michele Bachmann has finished sixth with only Jon Huntsman (who didn’t compete in the state) behind her.”

7. As I’m writing this, CNN has just transitioned from “Romney, Santorum Neck and Neck” to “In what is the closest presidential GOP contest in U.S. history, Mitt Romney has won the Iowa caucuses by just 8 votes.”  Romney will win by more votes than that in Dixville Notch, NH.

8. Recount! Butterfly ballots!  Hanging Chads! (Ulp… I just threw up in my mouth a little.)