Michelle: "This Is Why I Love This Country"

Kevin Drum of Mother Jones (see, I read lefties, too) describes NRO’s The Corner as “a peek into the conservative id,” which is a great description. I don’t agree with everything I read in The Corner, but it’s the first place I turn for a (usually) thoughtful conservative perspective on breaking news.

Despite a few sniping comments here and there, the consensus in The Corner is that Michelle Obama gave a great speech last night — and in this case I do agree. She’s become somewhat controversial because of her angry class-struggle partisanship on the stump, and for a tone-deaf comment that “for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.” (Note to self: don’t go into national politics unless you want to be remembered for the handful of stupidest things you’ve ever said.)

THAT Michelle Obama is not the one who appeared on stage last night. Last night’s model gave an unabashed paean to the American Dream. “Michelle and the girls were a homerun for Dems tonight. It’s no small thing when both sides can talk American exceptionalism. It’s a start,” said Kathryn Jean Lopez.

As Lisa Schiffren put it:

To her credit, Michelle Obama did exactly what needed to be done tonight. … Whatever cynics like me might think, there were many wet eyes in that room. And there were more African American faces looking with deep pride at this impressive woman, giving a wonderful speech, looking like [a] very serious political player herself, and a world class political wife. Does she really love her country? Standing at that podium, with the nation’s eyes upon her, how could it be otherwise. Brava!