Biden’s Worst Line of the Night: “War Should Always Be the Absolute Last Resort”

Or, as someone put it on a friend’s Facebook page: “There is ALWAYS another option” rather than war.

Yes, Mr. Biden, there are always options for avoiding war.  Sometimes there are even GOOD options.  But in various circumstances, options other than war may include surrender, appeasement, indifference, self-delusion or betrayal. War most certainly should never be the FIRST resort, but it’s dangerous and imprudent to think of it as a LAST resort.

(Photo from Reuters)

Cliff Notes: Biden Made No Outrageous Gaffes, But Needs to Practice Looking Respectful

The RNC is out quickly with a brilliant ad.  I knew before the debate that Ryan seemed more likeable than Biden, but I didn’t expect that Biden would make OBAMA look likeable by comparison.  (Photo at right grabbed from Twitpic, I have no idea what that means in terms of copyright.)