Facebook Bleg

I wish I’d thought of this before my BFF Andrew Sullivan sent more than 5,000 of his readers to my “Catfight” post, but here we are. For those of you who have found your way back here, I have a “bleg” (as in “blog beg,” a parallel coinage with “blog” from “web log.” Forgive me if you already understand this, I’m explaining it for my mother. Hi Mom!).

For the rest of you, if you belong to Facebook, could you visit my Facebook blog page and click the link to become a “fan” of this blog? Here’s the page:


If I get just a few more “fans” it will confirm to Facebook that I’m the owner of the site, and then I’ll be able to upload my blog posts to my Facebook page more easily. But (I hear you thinking), what do you get out of doing this?

Well, you should only do it if you think the site actually is worthy of attention, or if for some inexplicable reason you want to suck up to me. Oh wait! I thought of something else — if you think the blog is stupid, you could leave a message to that effect on my Facebook Wall.