Who Says Republicans Have No Sense of Humor?

This gem comes from the Republican National Committee (hat tip: Gay Patriot).  It’s the most amusing way you can spend the next 34 seconds.

A couple of quibbles about the execution:  The word “payback” may originally have meant return on investment, but these days I think the more commonly understood meaning is “the act of taking revenge.”  I think “payoff” would have been a better word choice here.

And golly, RNC, if the only way you’re going to distribute the video, even on your own site, is via YouTube, can’t you at least design the ad so that your captions are not obscured by the YouTube logo?

I like the ad because a) it’s funny; and b) it’s a clean hit.  You can disagree with the intent of the ad, but I don’t think you can really criticize it as being outside the boundaries of fair comment.

Or can you?  By celebrating this ad, am I violating my own preaching about the importance of civility to democracy?  Discuss.